Hoss is Boss


"The first time I noticed Ms. Sarah Larsen, she was glowing under a bright hot spotlight, standing still as a marble statue while delicately threading a violin as part of an opening act for Miss Loretta Lynn. Years later, I saw a girl who looked a lot like Larsen leading a band of her own, fiddling like the dickens, rocking wild country-mama hair and stomping flower-stitched boots in a late night den known as Bob & Barbara’s. 

"As Hurricane Hoss, I guess you could say Sarah Larsen is part of a long tradition of good girls gone bad, a classically trained violinist who would rather spend her hours sawing her bow through her own anthems and aches than play off a script written long ago.

"To paraphrase Tom Robbins, true outlaws raise the exhilaration content of the universe, even if they fail. And when they succeed, well, that’s what creates the kind of evening that makes it worth staying up to face that sun again."

- Tara Murtha, September 2015


HURRICANE HOSS has blown through the juke joints and watering holes of America, the perfect example of a classical good girl gone outlaw. She’s shot whiskey in the Midwestern Wilds, danced to zydeco in Louisiana, fallen in love in the Rockies, and two-stepped on top of broken hearts in Nashville. With fiddle, banjo, and guitar in tow, Hoss sings the stories of her travels and travails, as well as traditional songs of the American experience. 


When not portraying the urban gypsy-cowgirl Hurricane Hoss, Sarah Williams Larsen is one of the Northeast’s hardest working fiddle players. An award-winning contest fiddler, classical call-girl, and session player, she’s recently lent her fingers to Dr. Dog, David Mayfield, Ben Arnold, Saskwatch, Mason Porter, and the Hot Club of Philadelphia. She can also be spotted around Philadelphia with her two musical sisters in the multi-instrumental folk trio Ladybird (heythereladybird.com).